Are Spider Veins Hereditary?

Here’s the good news: Spider veins aren’t typically painful or harmful. Here’s the bad news: You might not like the way they look on your body. 

You may be wondering why you have spider veins in the first place. Are they hereditary? The short answer is yes. Genetics can cause spider veins. 

Dr. Kantha Stoll explains what spider veins are and how you can easily get rid of them. At her practice, Alexandria Aesthetics, in Alexandria, Virginia, Dr. Stoll, an experienced internal medicine and aesthetics physician, treats spider veins and varicose veins with the Icon™ Aesthetic System

Spider veins come from your family and your gender

Heredity and being a woman are two big risk factors for developing spider veins. If you come from a family of men and women with spider veins, you’re likely to inherit them at some point in your life. 90% of people with spider veins have family members who also have these bluish-red veins that are visible through the surface of their skin. 

And if you’re a woman who comes from a long line of spider vein prone people, you’re more likely to inherit them. Estrogen levels—typically higher in women than in men—may explain why women are more likely to develop spider and varicose veins. 

Pregnancy is yet another risk factor for spider veins. If you stand on your feet long hours each day at your job, or you sit for too many hours a day, that increases your risk as well. Other spider vein risk factors include obesity, smoking, and age. 

Are you stuck with spider veins?

No way! Although your spider veins aren’t likely to cause you any serious health concerns, if you don’t like the way they look, you can easily do something about them. The Icon Aesthetic System is a noninvasive treatment solution for unsightly spider veins on your legs, face, or anywhere else these tiny veins make their appearance. 

Without surgery, minimal discomfort, and no downtime, laser therapy constricts these damaged blood vessels—spider veins—so they close down and reroute the blood to healthier veins. The laser energy surpasses the surface of your skin to target the veins while leaving your skin virtually unharmed in the process. 

After laser treatment, small veins may disappear quickly, and over time, larger spider veins become much less visible on the surface of your skin. Dr. Stoll customizes the number of Icon laser treatments you need for maximum results. Treatments can take 30 minutes or less, depending on the size of your veins and how many you have, and even larger veins fade away in the weeks that follow. 

Ready to outsmart heredity?

You might not have control over the appearance of spider veins, thanks to genetics, but you do have control over the visibility of spider veins. Dr. Stoll and the Icon Aesthetic System can help you outsmart heredity so you can have spider vein-free legs, ankles, or facial skin. 

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