Saying Goodbye to Stretch Marks Has Never Been Easier

Stretch marks, also called stria, are a type of scar you get when your skin is stretched out so quickly that it can’t produce enough new skin cells to accommodate the change. The collagen in your skin gets torn by the stretching, creating rippled, streaky lines that may look brown, purple, deep pink, or white. You usually get stretch marks during times when your body rapidly expands due to:

You might also develop stretch marks if you take steroids or have a condition such as Marfan’s or Cushing’s syndrome. No matter why your stretch marks developed, you don’t have to keep them covered this summer. At Alexandria Aesthetics in Alexandria, Virginia, our laser aesthetics specialist Dr. Kantha Stoll uses the state-of-the-art Icon™ fractional laser to improve and fade away your stretch marks.

New skin, new look

The Icon works by targeting pulses of laser energy to the disordered collagen that makes up your stretch marks. The laser heat breaks up the old strands of protein so that your body can flush them away. The heat also stimulates your skin to generate new collagen and another protein called elastin.

The new collagen starts to build up your skin, replacing the scar tissue with healthy skin. The elastin makes your skin more flexible, like healthy skin. Scars tend to be rigid and stiff.

As your skin remodels itself with fresh collagen and elastin, the new skin is thicker and lighter. The stretch mark’s texture now blends in with your surrounding healthy skin.

A few minutes and a few zings

Your Icon treatments are fast. A team member applies a numbing cream to keep you comfortable during your procedure. If you have sensitive skin, we can also give you a mild painkiller.

After 30 minutes, your skin is ready for your Icon laser treatment. You’ll feel a little stinging sensation — similar to being zinged with a rubber band — when the laser energy pulses through your collagen and stimulates your skin to rebuild itself. Dr. Stoll only needs about half an hour to treat most stretch marks.

Your skin gets better and better

The Icon triggers a healing process in your skin that continues for several months. During that time, you’ll notice your stretch marks fading and evening out. For optimal results, you may need a series of treatments, leaving at least one month between treatments.

Suitable for all skin types

If you’ve been told that your skin is too dark or too light for laser therapy, the Icon is the right choice for you. The Icon features a SkintelⓇ Melanin Reader that allows Dr. Stoll to calibrate the applicator so the laser’s energy is only delivered to the scar itself. The laser’s heat bypasses your surrounding, healthy skin.

After your treatment, your skin may look and feel as it does after a mild sunburn. Some women and men also experience slight swelling after their session. However, these side effects generally fade within a few hours to a day.

When your treatment is over, you’re free to go back to work or play. You don’t have to modify your activities or schedule any recovery time with the Icon.

To say goodbye to your stretch marks today. Call our friendly office staff or use the handy contact form to make an appointment.

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