Scars Don't Need to Be Permanent: We Have Solutions

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Scars are part of your body’s natural healing process, forming as your body grows new, tougher tissue to repair a cut or other opening in your skin. As far as that goes, they’re an important part of enabling your skin to heal over so infection and other problems are prevented. That’s all good. The problem is, scars and scar tissue tend to have a different composition than the tissue that surrounds them, and that means they can really stand out, especially when they’re on your face. Scars from traumatic injuries like accidents or falls and acne scars can have an impact on your appearance, and they can take a major toll on your self-esteem and self-confidence, especially if the scar is large and noticeable or if you have a lot of scars.

Fortunately, scars don’t have to last forever. At Alexandria Aesthetics, we offer noninvasive treatment options designed to reduce or even eliminate the appearance of scars so you feel more confident about the way you look. Best of all, these treatments can be performed right in the office in a minimal amount of time, so you can start looking and feeling your best right away, no matter how busy your schedule is. Here’s what you should know.

How scars form

When you have a cut, burn or other opening in your skin, your body wants to do all it can to seal the injury so germs and other “bad guys” can’t get in. During the initial stages of healing, it starts laying down collagen, a tough protein fiber that’s found naturally in our skin. Normally, collagen fibers bind together to form a strong network under the skin’s surface. This network helps keep skin resilient, firm, and strong. In scar formation, these effects are magnified, and that means the resulting scar can be a lot tougher and denser than the surrounding skin.

Depending on what causes the injury, your scar might be deeper or higher than the surrounding skin, and it might be a different color as well. Sometimes scars appear shiny, especially when the light hits them a certain way. Since scars are caused by excess “bundles” of collagen fiber, to eliminate them or reduce their appearance, those networks need to be broken up or deconstructed so “normal” tissue can form in its place. And that’s how lasers can help.

Zapping scar tissue with lasers

At Alexandria Aesthetics, we use the IconTM laser to treat tough scar tissue. The Icon laser is a fractional laser, which means it treats tiny areas of your skin while leaving neighboring areas untreated. Fractional treatments are very effective in promoting healing and tissue generation, but because of the way they work, they’re also associated with much faster recovery.

During treatment, the laser emits tiny, controlled bursts of laser energy that penetrate your skin. The energy helps break apart tough networks of collagen while also stimulating tissue regeneration processes so your skin forms new, healthy tissue to take the place of the scar tissue. As the handheld Icon device passes over your skin, you’ll probably feel some stinging like the snapping of a rubber band. Once your treatment is complete, downtime is minimal; you’ll have some redness and you may have mild swelling, but these effects will go away soon afterward. Icon laser treatment is suitable for any skin type or tone, and after your treatment, you’ll start to see results in a few weeks as your skin works to get rid of the old collagen and form healthy tissue in its place.

Don’t let scars make you feel self-conscious

It doesn’t matter how many people tell you your scars are “barely noticeable.” You notice them — a lot — and that’s all that matters. One of the best things about laser treatments is you can finally take control of your scars so you can stop brushing your hair in front of your face, hiding under layers of concealer, or using other tactics to try to make your scars less noticeable. At Alexandria Aesthetics, we can customize a treatment just for you so you can start feeling more confident and more attractive. To learn more about laser treatments for scars, book an appointment online today.

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