You Don't Have to Live With Scars — Here's How to Get Rid of Them

In the same way pictures from a family vacation are snippets from the bigger story, scars often have a story of their own. They act as visual reminders of an accident, adolescence, or a prior surgery. 

When scars are inconspicuous, you might forget their place on your skin’s timeline, but when an acne scar or surgical scar is in a prominent location, it can make you feel self-conscious. At the very least, perhaps you’ve told the story behind the scar too many times and you’re ready to move forward without this piece of visible evidence. 

At her practice, Alexandria Aesthetics, in Alexandria, Virginia, Dr. Kantha Stoll understands your aesthetic concerns and offers effective, noninvasive ways to help you achieve your goals. Fortunately, with today’s laser technology, you don’t have to live with scars. Here’s how to get rid of them and move forward with your life and a renewed appearance.

Scars: Good intentions gone awry 

When you injure your skin, your body’s internal repair system goes to work fixing the damage. You automatically create new collagen to replace the damaged tissue and help your skin recover from the trauma. 

But, this imperfect repair system sometimes functions like an overzealous parent at their child’s soccer game. When your skin overenthusiastically makes too much new collagen to repair a cut, burn, or puncture wound, it creates a layer of tissue that’s thicker than the surrounding skin. This thicker layer becomes the scar.

All that extra new tissue is often a different color than the surrounding skin, so you end up with a pink, red, raised, or sunken scar. It may also be an odd shape, or lighter or darker than your natural skin color.

Noninvasive lasers to the rescue

Thanks to the advanced technology of the Icon™ Aesthetic System from Cynosure®, a leader in aesthetic technology, you don’t need surgery to remove an unsightly scar. Instead you can come in for a simple, in-office laser treatment. The Icon’s fractional laser energy breaks down scar tissue so it slowly disappears. 

Depending on the size and type of your scar, it takes only a few treatments before most of the visible evidence of a lingering scar is gone forever. Like your body’s innate repair system, the laser energy promotes new collagen production and tissue regeneration, only in a much more controlled manner. The results are predictable, and downtime is minimal. 

In just a few weeks, you’ll begin to see positive results. And the Icon system is safe for all skin types and skin tones. Laser scar removal is a surefire way to get rid of unwanted scar tissue and replace it with healthier tissue that finally matches the surrounding skin. 

A little time equals a big result

Depending on the size of your scar, treatments can take just 30 minutes, and there’s not much downtime, maybe none at all. You can return to work or your youngster’s soccer game immediately following your laser treatment. Your skin may be a little red, like a mild sunburn, but unlike your original scar, the redness is only temporary.

While you’re likely to see results after only a few treatments, people tend to reach their optimal outcome after 3-7 laser sessions. Dr. Stoll customizes your treatment so you can say goodbye to your scar forever. 

If you’re tired of living with your scar because of its location, appearance, or the story behind it, then take action. Leave your scars in the past with the ease of Icon laser scar treatments. 

Call our friendly office staff at 703-495-2991, send us a message here on our website, or click to request an appointment through our online booking system. 

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